When You Should Get an Attorney

If your answer to any of the twelve questions below is yes, give us a call. The sooner you contact us, the more conclusively we can attribute your injuries to the accident—by documenting evidence before it is lost or forgotten, and by making sure that you get proper medical attention.

  1. Have you been experiencing pain since the accident?
  2. Did you receive an injury to the wrist, elbow, knee or other joints?
  3. Did you have to go to the emergency room?
  4. Do you think you might need to get further medical treatment?
  5. Have you been hospitalized for any amount of time?
  6. Have you been having trouble sleeping after the accident?
  7. Have you had joint, neck, or back pain since the accident?
  8. Have you had to miss work because of the accident?
  9. Were you unconscious, or did you receive a blow to the head in the accident?
  10. Have you experienced ongoing disorientation, dizziness, nausea, and/or loss of memory after the accident?
  11. Have you experienced decreased job performance since the accident?
  12. Have you suffered persistent headaches since the accident?

The list above is not all-inclusive. If there is a condition that concerns you or is persistent, call the Injury Law Center and we will discuss it with you.


If you are considering handling your own case you should download our free booklet. This is a guide to knowing what to do when you are involved in an accident. We want to be helpful to those who are determined to handle a claim themselves. Although we recommend that you rely on an attorney after an accident, there may be accidents which result in minimal damage to the vehicles and no personal injuries. In these instances, the insurance company’s settlement may be straightforward and fair.


In the real world, however, insurance companies are very aggressive in minimizing what they pay to injury victims. Those who negotiate with insurance companies without the experience to recognize their tactics are often shortchanged. You will probably make no more than a few insurance claims over the course of your lifetime; whereas adjusters have handled thousands of claims. It is seldom a fair match.

“It isn’t just a coincidence that insurance companies have one person sell you your insurance—the agent—and another person negotiate your claim—the adjuster. Don’t confuse the friendly agent who sold you insurance for 15 years with the adjuster. Adjusters play by a different set of rules that I, as a personal injury attorney, am familiar with.” - Hayden I. DuBay, Attorney at Law, Injury Law Center

The person who says, “I’ve got nothing to worry about. I’ve got a great insurance agent who takes care of me,” has usually never filed an insurance claim. All along, he’s been paying the insurance company. So of course they are friendly! However, your agent is replaced by an “adjuster” when the insurance company is on the paying end.

The Injury Law Center can tip the scales of justice in your favor and prevent you from being taken advantage of. We can determine what your case is worth, and take over the responsibility of putting your claim together, lifting the burden off of your shoulders. Contact our team of experts today.

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