What You Can Recover

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be restored to your previous physical, mental, and financial state, if possible.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be paid fair compensation for any irrecoverable losses and for your pain and suffering.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to the repair or replacement of your vehicle or other personal property damaged or destroyed in the accident.

Personal injury claims include physical, mental or emotional, and financial losses and damages. You are entitled to recovery for your damages if you can prove that the other party was the cause of the accident, and that your injuries or damages were a direct result of the other party’s negligence. You will only be compensated for those injuries and damages that you prove through careful documentation. If you have been injured, see a doctor now and contact the Injury Law Center in Virginia immediately.

The Injury Law Center has private investigators whose only job is to secure evidence, with all the legal and technical power at their disposal. These investigators obtain detailed written statements from eyewitnesses, police officers, and emergency personnel. They review the accident site and establish how the accident occurred and arm you with the proof to verify your claim.

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