Serious Injury & Permanent Disability

Permanent disabilities can result from auto accidents—crushed limbs, dismemberment, severe head trauma, vital organ damage, and burns. These are terrible injuries and very difficult to handle legally—far beyond what any layman should attempt. There is too much at stake.


If you became paraplegic as a result of an accident, imagine the next 30 years. Could a family member give up work to take care of you? If so, for how long? How do you project the cost of full-time, lifelong care? An insurance company may say, “Here’s 10 times what you earn in a year; that will provide for you nicely.” But this may pale in comparison to the costs of permanently caring for a seriously injured family member. It can cost hundreds of thousands—sometimes millions—of dollars to care for a disabled person.


When dealing with seriously injured or permanently disabled persons, we at the Injury Law Center consult with a team of experts to develop an impairment rating and a “life care plan.” The “life care plan” shows what the injured person will need, in the way of medicine, therapists, in-home help, rehabilitation, medical equipment, etc., for the rest of his or her life. The family of a seriously injured or disabled person should not attempt to make an “educated guess” about this. We project the impact of a permanent disability and its financial toll on someone’s life only with the help of our team of experts.


In cases involving serious injury and permanent disability, the insurance company, defense attorney, judge or jury must be made to understand the reality of a lifetime of suffering, difficulties, needs, and expenses faced by the injured individual. If you are facing long-term severe injury or disability, you should get expert assistance—and be certain that you won’t be left with high medical bills long after your insurance settlement has run out.

If an accident is depriving you of the life you previously led, call the Injury Law Center! What’s at stake? Your standard of living for the rest of your life!

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