Do Not Volunteer Information

When making a statement to the police officer about how the accident occurred, always tell the truth. But at the same time, remember, you are the only one at the accident scene looking out for your interests. If there is any question about the cause of the accident, don’t confess fault. If you are at fault—and you think you are when you’re not—there are plenty of forces at work to see that you pay for it. If you’re one of those nice folks with a tendency to blame yourself whenever something goes wrong, squelch the impulse.

Don’t make a case against yourself! I’ve you’ve been injured, contact the Injury Law Center now.


Do not volunteer information, such as “My wife is going to kill me; she already says I’m a lousy driver.” Or, “This is my third accident this week—can you believe it?” This is not the time to make a full statement! If you are unsure how the accident occurred, tell the police officer that you need time to clear your head before making a statement. The other party may turn your statements against you, so be careful what you say. Whatever you do, don’t make a tape recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company before you seek legal advice.


If, for whatever reason, you are unable to collect needed information on the accident, perhaps due to incapacitation or hospitalization, ask a family member or friend to do those things you would otherwise do to gather information for your accident files.

  • Pick up a copy of the police report
  • Take photos of the accident site, the vehicles, and your injuries
  • Contact the witnesses

When you have the Injury Law Center represent you, we take care of everything, including all of the paperwork for your claim. There is little work or worry for you—you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries. We gather the documentation, police reports, medical records, insurance forms; we investigate the accident site; we contact employers; we secure photographic evidence; we track down witnesses and get their stories; we battle with the insurance company. It’s all a part of the service that the Injury Law Center provides.

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