Linda – Mother

“I got the phone call that my daughter who is a special needs adult had been in an accident and was in the hospital. Even the doctors didn’t know the extent of her injuries that night. She had fractured ribs and her right arm was damaged. She was in the hospital for weeks and our medical  continue reading

William – Firefighter

“My accident was in July of 2007. I was at a complete stop at a light and was rear-ended at 40 mph. I never saw it coming. Fortunately I was not injured severely but I did have slight whiplash and back pain. The guy who hit me didn’t have insurance or a driver’s license. He totaled  continue reading

Mary – Wife

“My husband was by himself on the interstate and a car hit the rear end of his car pushing him into two other cars. The car was totaled. He went to the doctor a week later because there was more damage than he had realized. He had an MRI done on his back and he is lucky to be walking around. His  continue reading

Carolyn – Interior Designer

“I was headed to the grocery store and out of the blue this thing hit me in the face. I lost control of my car-I never saw what hit me. I was bleeding and hurt and worried I would be disfigured. I had two broken ribs and lots of pain in my face, neck, shoulder and leg. I didn’t think about  continue reading

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